Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

Yoga is defined as the exercise which is done in the house for solution of our personal problems like weight loss and fat burning etc. There are many ways of doing it as it contains several meditations like normal exercises, pushups, chin ups, running on a treadmill, doing some healthy activity indoor that is inside the house like cleaning the house, washing dishes etc.

Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

These normal activities can be like part of yoga. Here I will like to describe the most powerful meditation of all the yoga exercises which can be very beneficial and can be the advantage in respect to the weight loss. As we know there are many breathing techniques involved in this yoga exercise which are very good for our health in many perspectives. But the most powerful and the most popular technique among the breathing technique is the actively doing the process of breathing. This technique is very useful and beneficial for the digestive system that is for weight loss, for respiratory process that is for smooth and healthier respiration and especially it is very essential for the immune system. In this technique, just focus your eyes on the tip of the nose if possible. If not, then just look down without focusing on the tip of your nose.

Now close the one nostril of your nose by your finger and inhale deeply with the other one nostril of your nose. Inhale deeply as much as you can. Now hold this air inside you for as long as you can. Now release this air by leaving the nostril open. Remember don’t release the air at once. Release it slowly as much as you can. By doing this, it can be very useful for your stomach which is so much expanded out due to carelessness.

Another useful technique for weight loss is much easier than the above mentioned technique. It can be done in any position. Like, it can be done on by sitting on the bed or on the couch or maybe in standing position also. Now in this technique, what we have to do is like if we are sitting on a bed or a couch, just inhale deeply air so much, as much as you can. Remember that while inhaling the air inside the body, don’t inhale through the mouth, inhale through your nose. Now when you inhaled the air inside your body, your stomach will be automatically popped out. Hold this air for a long time or as much as you can hold it for few seconds. Now, when you feel that you cannot hold the air in your body, for a much longer time then exhale it.  While exhaling the air, do not exhale the air through your nose; always exhale the air through the mouth and your stomach, which was popped out, will be then pushed inwards. In short, the rule to be remembered for this technique is “Inhale through Nose and Exhale through Mouth”.

If we compare the above mentioned techniques, the second technique is far easy for any person and can be memorized quickly. Thus, by doing yoga burn exercise, weight loss problem can be solved in a couple of weeks if done regularly.

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