What to do when you are feeling bored

Well that’s a very common question of our daily life. Well in our daily life days, when we get some free time from our tough or hectic routine in which we usually have nothing to do with that free time and we eventually start feeling bored or we get bored. Now that’s a very that question that arises in our mind that what should we do in the spare time we have got? Well answer to that question is very simple that we should adopt some hobby in order to get rid of being getting bored. We all know that a hobby is an activity which is done whether inside the home or office or maybe outside the home or office or whatever place we are. There are different types of hobbies which are related to the person’s mood that is it is upon him or her that what he or she likes.

Like some peoples have a great hobby of books reading which is indeed a great hobby because life of peoples are so busy in this modern age that we hardly get anytime of doing the hobby which includes our favorite activities.

things to do when you are bored

Some like to play outdoor games with their friends like cricket, football, basketball and many more games which are played outside. Well some peoples like to play inside the house, which are called the indoor games.

things to do when you are bored

There are many indoor games like squash, table tennis, computer games which we like the most. We see that the small children often play computer games which are their favorite ones.

things to do when you are bored

Well some peoples have a very different and a unique hobby which is sleeping. It sounds very different and strange but it is their hobby so we cannot say anything about it.  In old times, peoples were first of all were busy in their life. They hardly got any spare time for doing any activity. But if they got some spare time in their routine, they used to do some important chores of the house which they can’t do in their busy routine.

things to do when you are bored

According to the Elders, they said a very beautiful line about getting bored, that is, “Empty Mind is like an Empty Factory for the Satan”. It means that if we do not adopt some hobby in our spare time, then according to this great line, our mind’s positivity, creativity and the other good things in us will start to eliminate in us and automatically our mind will be distracted. Distracted means that our mind will not be able to do some positive thing in the spare time and our mind will start thinking about the negative things or try to do some evil.

So, to end this discussion and to elaborate the stance above, I would like to say that most of us get some free time in our daily routine, we should adopt some hobby in order to get rid of being getting bored, so that our mood will be happy and our mind will always think about some good things to do. Moreover if you like do that thing which you like but it should be positive for your future life.

At the end please share with us your ideas so other our views can be adopt it.

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