What is Empowerment

Basically empowerment is defined as the general capacity of the individuals, groups or communities of society to gain control on there circumstances by doing struggle and helping themselves and others to maximize the quality of life and to have a good standard of life.

Social empowerment is a part of the society. It means to look after people according to their needs. Empowerment does not mean that he or she becomes powerful like God. Even we are empowered but we also, as a human being, have limitations. A clear definition of empowerment is that he or she feels able and feels him or herself enough powerful in particular situation and to take part in decision making. Empowerment of people learning them their disabilities is a successful process for society by which they develop their skills to take control of their lives. In result it will help them to achieve their goals and aims to have a better living and a good standard of living, which also results in society progress.

What is Empowerment

If we take individuals as they learn their disabilities, it means that the individual empowerment is about rights, choice and control which can lead them to more individual and autonomous lifestyle. If we talk about professionals it comes to balancing rights and responsibilities. This is the cause that empowerment is mostly related to advocacy.

Mostly education is taken as an ingredient or we can say engine of empowerment. As the people have they come about empowerment and can live on reasonable conditions with their rights. People who don’t have a good education are even aware of the empowerment concept and so they also don’t know their social rights from society.

What is Empowerment

Empowerment breaks the barriers of destruction and gives the society that confidence and en-light their mental level through which they gain progress in every field of life. The main point of empowerment is determined by the level of confidence and courage one has to make the definition of empowerment more expressive. 

Our religion puts stress on the empowerment of people of the society. Our religion Islam prohibits the discrimination of poor and rich and give a knowledge of equal rights of people. To empower the people Islam lays stress on education for all men and women. Education is that substance which has power to influence,impact goals and motivation in every positive way. This whole thing give birth to empowerment in society and in people’s mind also. Every child in this world grows with an aim, with a goal and he has a wish for them to become true. If that child is given a strength through education which leads him to a bright way of empowerment than the child has a successful and bright future.

The person who gains empowerment in himself and in his life he can lead a successful life. That person can also lead the backward and less powerful people of the society to a certain limit on which they can lead a successful life. Thus empowerment also gives a person the qualities of leadership and make him capable enough to strengthen his goals!!      

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