Top 10 Best Airlines in the world 2015

Air travel has emerged as a crucial means of transport in this century of latest technology. It is not only the latest means of transport for people but also for products. In today’s world of business airline business industry is progressing rapidly and is becoming the famous for all. The airline business is a major industry of a country. This business is relied on millions not only for transportation but also as a way of better living. The first commercial air lines included Pan American, Western Air Express and Ford Transport Service

These air lines emerged as the major air lines in the worldof airline industry.

Today the air lines are providing its customers the best services they can to compete in the market of air line business. They provide them luxurious cabins, on board lounges, personal entertainment and high altitude haute cuisines. The top ten air lines inĀ  the world are listed below:

  1. Air New Zealand:

New Zealand may be the most isolated nation in the world but providing the best air line services it has proved itself best. This air line gives its passengers the right feeling at home. It has comfy leather chairs, premium demand of audio and video and convenient refreshment areas for its passengers.

Air New Zealand

  1. American Air Line:

North America largest air line id also leading the way of luxury services. The passengers receive pampered treatment like fold flat seats, ergonomic motorized seat with convenient memory feature and complimentary Bose- noise canceling head phones. The seats are equipped with such a technology that they facilitate the passengers with movies, games and TV shows with a comfort.

American Air Line

  1. Emirates Airlines:

When it comes to high-altitude and high class travel to Dubai or more than 140 additional destinations, emirates airlines are above the competition. The are air line is unique due to it’s adjustable seats and complementary drinks and meals. For about 2000 channels on the wide screen that is personal for every passenger is a lavish source of entertainment.

Emirates Airlines

  1. Etihad Airways:

The national air line of Abu Dhabi boasts of all luxury equipment that one would expect from the rich emirate air line. The Etihad provides special mattresses on the seats with comfort and a 18-inch touch TV screen for every passenger. The business class receive a complementary door to door limo service complete with a personal chauffeur.

Etihad Airways

  1. Japan Airlines:

If we say that the japan airlines are the excellent for a passenger, then it would not be wrong. Mostly seats slide down into a flat bed position for the comfort of passenger and it gives them personal LCD, canceling noise headphones and audio and video facility so that you can enjoy the your journey.

Japan Airlines

  1. Qantas Airways:

Passenger’s first choice is Qantas airways due to up-to-date and fully equipped travel. The seats are comfortable which according to need can be turned into flat and a comfortable ”sky bed”. Passengers can get their own personal entertainment.

Qantas Airways

  1. Oman Air:

Oman airline was the first airline in the world to provide both mobile phone and Wi-Fi facility to it’s passengers. The chairs are flat with electronic back rest and leg rest for passenger comfort.

Oman Air

  1. Singapore Airlines:

These air lines are the luxurious air carrier for passengers. The seats are comfortable and fully equipped and the menu is made by the international panel of chefs.

Singapore Airlines

  1. Swiss International Airline:

These air lines are fully engaged with latest equipment. The seats have USB connection, movable light and a personal LCD for passenger. The chocolates of these air lines are the complementary element for passengers.

Swiss International Airline

  1. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class:

These air line provide first class amenities to it’s passengers. The passengers can get their own personal suites for a luxurious travel which is fully equipped.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

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