Must Give Your Opinion in Interview

During interview you must give your own opinion, it will be enhance your knowledge and also people will know about your worth, some persons say that don’t give political views so don’t listen that kind of people just give your own views rather than keeping silent because when you talk someone your confidence, courage will be check during that time, for you kind information a good interviewer always check your confidence, decisions power and behavior with work, not your big degree or good mark in examination.

Must Give Your Opinion in Interview

For better interview you should prepare mean to say you must know about your national and international Laval knowledge like, Question no.1, how is going our industries business now a days and how was in previous government behave with industries.

Now the question is from where we can get a lot of knowledge so there are three ways:

  1. Good Friends Circle

So you can get a good knowledge from you friends because people are open book they will give you some practical and experience knowledge and be noted; that kind of knowledge you will not be found in books or anywhere, friends mean not you class mates or roommates. Friends mean yours all friends who meet you every day and they discuss with you about current affairs or something like that.

  1. Google

You can also get knowledge from google, google is a best teacher, google is available anywhere and it is a latest way of learning, I’m also using google if I have any question in my mind “google it”.  Google will give you true answer but you must be creative minds and having question, if you put one question daily it mean you collect 365 answers in a whole year.

  1. Books

Books are the river of knowledge so keep your habit on daily basis to reading the good books, if you don’t know then comments bellow I will tell/ guide/ recommends you some books which will help you in your total life. Make your like easy not difficult, it my point of views.

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