Latest Mobile Prices in Pakistan

There are a whole bunch of mobile companies in Pakistan. Some are private, while others are franchises. Every mobile company is different from the others. Some are quite highly advanced while others are known as ‘made in china’. There is a big difference between the functions of the companies made in china and the franchises, for example Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and Motorola etc. Another difference between the companies of china and franchises is the difference of price. Mobile phones that are made in China are mostly cheapest because they use the simplest technology, and everyone can afford in Pakistan, whether they are rich or poor. Those phones are mostly for the people who are illiterate and can’t read or write much. So that simplest technology suits them the most. While other people who are literate and can read and write uses expensive devices which contains highly advanced technology in it. Those companies include Apple, Samsung, Nokia and many more.

Mobile Prices in Pakistan

The prices of these cell phones are mostly quite high. It ranges from Rs.30, 000 to Rs.90, 000, and that’s a lot for most of the people. But still a lot of people prefer those phones because there is always a warranty with them and they don’t get wrecked easily. The latest gadgets have been the buzz of the country. The highly anticipated smartphones like iPhone 6 are so famous that they are the discussion on everybody’s minds. We all know that there are two types of phones:

1) Featured phones

2) Smart phones.

The use of smartphones has now become limitless. Even in Pakistan people are frequently switching smartphones, and it has nothing to do with the wealth of the country but because there are now brands which are offering smart phones at really affordable prices. After all, when it comes down to it, it really is your choice. In today’s era and the advancements found in technology phones can even be bought online.

Now in this world of peaking tech would you prefer to get yourself burnt in scorching rays of sun for the sake of buying a “Smart” phone or be smart enough to buy it from online websites? Nowadays there are phones with amazingly unique designs, innovative technologies, easy user interface and amazing cameras that make them the top and favorite choice of almost everybody in Pakistan.

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There are many renowned companies in the Pakistan that have been in business for a long time and been quite successful, and also consider opening up industry giant with other famous companies. The phone industry is vast accommodating smartphones, bar phones, touch screen and QWERTY keyboards. Also Samsung mobiles in Pakistan have gained immense customer base and popularity due to its Galaxy and Notes series in smartphones.  Companies have shocked people with amazing technologies and outstanding modification in mobile phones and Tablet PCs.

Well to end the discussion it can be concluded that there mobiles of every type in Pakistan and their price vary due to the features it contains and every person can avail this device according to his or her budget.

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