Latest Henna Mehndi designs 2017

Mehndi is a sign of beauty and femininity in women. Mehndi is common in all parts of the world not only now a days but it also has been famous in ancient times also. It is also called henna. It is one of the favorite things for women. Without the use of mehndi, women preparation for an event is incomplete and they become very conscious about it. It is a sign of beauty and elegance for women and this mehndi is not only laid on hands but also on arms and feet. In ancient times the mehndi designs were not so much good, sophisticated and attractive but the women still wore them as it was the part of the accessories for them, they used them to apply on different occasions. But with the passage of time the designs became more attractive, beautiful and elegant.

latest mehndi designs

Now the mehndi designs have many types like Indian, Arabian etc as they have different patterns of designing. The professionals who design the mehndi patterns have now in 2015 introduced a latest collection of new mehndi designs for women. These designs are appealing for the women all around the country. The designs introduced in 2015 in Pakistan are the combination of Indian and Arabic patterns that is making the latest designs look more elegant and beautiful. These type of combination in henna is mostly famous in Pakistan. The mesmerizing patterns of henna in the year of 2015 are just so fabulous, charming and they have combination of different styles to make look versatile. And due to this versatility these a equally famous among girls and women. Mostly it has been seen that the girls like brown mehndi for them to wear on different occasions. Glitter mehndi is also available in the market but now a days it is getting quiet famous. The trend setters have given best and elegant mehndi designs that includes the glitter also in 2015. new designs have been introduced just to give the extra charm to hands and feet and to make them look more beautiful and formal.

latest mehndi designs

In these latest designs glitters are used with the combination of brown mehndi to give extra charm to it. The glitters used in these latest designs are of different colors so that the designs and the color matches your dress. Saloons and parlorsĀ  are mostly using these glitters frequently in their mehndi designs. Artificial diamonds are also added in them which give these designs a more formal look. The mehndi designs consist of beautiful designs like peacock, floral, mutual shapes and cuts design with extreme delicacy and with an elegant look. The are becoming famous in the country. Henna is becoming popular all over the world due to it beautiful designs. Girls make them selves look beautiful by using make up and a lot of accessories but they feel incomplete without using mehndi. The use of mehndi gives them a charm, an elegance to their beauty. Because beauty, style and fashion is the need of every women and girl in this modern world!!


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