Jobs available in Dubai for Pakistanis

Looking for job abroad

In developing countries such as Pakistan, people are always looking for better job opportunities to improve their living standards. Either the jobs are limited or people are more qualified to get a worthy job and in any case people look upon other countries for employment opportunities to get a better job. In Pakistan, more jobs available are, for artisans, incompetent work and jobs like constructing infrastructure and roads etc. However, the wages they get are very minimal. Mostly the trend is set that people look for job in Dubai for Pakistani workers especially because Dubai provides a great platform with many job opportunities. The workers’ remittances are also very attractive for the people of Pakistan.

Jobs available in Dubai for Pakistanis

Finding jobs abroad is not easy and all the processes of applying for job, passport and visa fall under a hectic job especially in the offices of Pakistan. Usually, people are referred to jobs in Dubai by their relatives and friends, who live and work there already or applying directly to the website of the international firm. Otherwise Google always comes handy as a head start when looking for a job. Some of the jobs from such websites are listed below:

  • Computer Engineer by Technosoft
  • Customer Service Officer by Rakbank – Ibn Batuta branch
  • Customer Service Officer by Rakbank – Al Qouz branch
  • Management IT System Analyst by P&G
  • Steel Fixer Shuttering Carpenter & Labour Jobs In Dubai
  • Security Guard & Life Guard Jobs In Dubai
  • Fitter & Welder Jobs In Dubai
  • Taxi Driver Jobs In Qatar & Dubai
  • Shuttering Carpenter Construction Helper & Steel Fixer Jobs In Dubai
  • Cleaner Jobs In Dubai
  • Steel Fixer & Mason Jobs In Abu Dhabi & Dubai
  • Cleaner Gardener & Helper Jobs In Dubai

These are some example of the jobs in Dubai for Pakistani available through Google but it is a risk to apply as there is no guarantee that these jobs will be appropriate and not a fraud.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Working abroad will increase the financial position of the workers and their families. Worker remittances will increase the GDP of Pakistan and also the foreign currency reserves. Ultimately, it will lead to the improved living standards of Pakistan. Individually, people will be able to afford the basic necessities of life and their financial position will better off. Their living standard will improve and also their social status in the society. Even if the jobs in Dubai for Pakistani are not offering intellect and demand many qualifications but comparative to Pakistan and other third world countries, the wages are high and the remittances are converted to more monetary value due to the depreciated money in Pakistan. However, people who work abroad are not allowed to visit back their families within 2 years and they have to do savings themselves to send money back home. It is a major risk that jobs available are real and not fraud which will cost huge money to the workers but with no benefit.


Working in Dubai is a tremendous option to improve one’s financial state and social status.

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