IPhone 6 Plus Camera Review!

Capture good quality images with the new iPhone 6 Plus camera!

People prefer having mobile phones with cameras that actually allow you to take good quality pictures. You can compare your iPhone 6 Plus Camera with other phone cameras, even with other iPhone versions. The new focus feature is so great that if you happen to be in a dark environment you will still be able to focus on things and capture their pictures easily! Whereas the image stabilization feature provides you with new and improved sharpness that can be used even in low lighted areas as well! Apple has some how managed to use this feature in order to reduce the noise in the picture. Meaning the shutter speed is slower; this helps in allowing you to capture images in very dim and low lighted environments easily. Also the iPhone 6 Plus has a faster processor which makes it easier to capture images at a faster rate!

When you will do this you will see what amazing pictures the iPhone 6 Plus Camera actually takes! The iPhone 6 Plus Camera has an improved focus feature and has way better optical image stabilization, as compared to other phones! The new iPhone 6 Plus provides the users with new features that are not available on other iPhone versions. The camera feature have improved greatly, you now have a camera with better image stabilization and a phase detection auto-focus.

iPhone 6 Plus Camera

New phone, new features!

The improved processor reduces the noise, the camera’s shutter speed is slower. And the camera now takes photos at up to ISO500 only! The camera also includes the Blink and Smile detection in burst modes. The front- facing camera has about 10 frames per second. You can now easily compose, crop, add more filters to the picture, and can also share the image from the lock screen directly as well! It also includes the timer mode and happens to have the same close focus distance as other iPhones.

Capture more focused and sharp images at a faster speed!

Apple has improved the noise reduction and local contrast algorithm in the new iPhone 6 Plus cameras.  With the help of the new and faster A8 processor you can capture images at a much faster pace!

However the best thing about the iPhone 6 Plus Camera has to be its improved focus feature, the phase detection autofocus. Basically it’s up to the camera to determine what to focus on and when to change the focus!   So if you will try the iPhone 6 Plus Camera outdoors you will find that it captures pictures with outstanding focus. The same thing is when you take images indoors or in a dim room.

The iPhone 6 Plus focus is absolutely flawless and no photo will show you any focus issue at all! The  optical image stabilization physically moves around the camera in order counteract the trembling of your hand.

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