How to Live a Healthy Life

Health is very important for a human life. Health is precious and certainly a great blessing of Allah Almighty. A man who is healthy can lead a healthy life.

A healthy man can enjoy the pleasures of life and he can take part in every activity of life.

There are some tips to lead healthy life;

  • Morning Walk:

Walk is very essential for keeping one’s healthy good, especially morning walk. Morning walk is very beneficial, there is a famous proverb for it, ”Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise!” Morning walk is a good habit. A morning walk keeps a man healthy throughout the day. A person can do his whole day work with concentration, keenness and interest. He never have a feeling of being bored during his work. Morning walk is not only beneficial for the working class of society but also for house wives and children of all ages, especially students! Walk can help house ladies to do their house chores finely and it can help students to do their studies with concentration and interest.

Morning Walk

  • Exercise :

Exercise is very important to lead a healthy and complete life. The physical movement of our body parts in different ways like jumping, running and walking etc is essential for us.

Exercises like jogging is very helpful to gain energy. Exercises increase our metabolism which helps us in doing our work the whole day.

Morning Walk

  • Better Eating :

To lead a healthy life we should be diet conscious. It does not mean that we should starve to death, that we should use a balance diet. We should take food according to the nutrition needs of our body. We should have a better eating. Better eating does not mean that we should fill our stomach with fatty foods. It means that we should take food in such a manner that the nutritious needs of our body like protein, carbohydrates fats etc are fulfilled in a balanced way, so that we can lead a healthy life.

Better Eating

  • Environment :

Environment plays a very important role in a person’s life, so that he would be able to lead a healthy life. Pollution is an obstacle in a person’s life who is on his way to lead a healthy life. Pollution is of many kinds like air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution etc. which are generated from the sources like public and private vehicles, factories, greenhouse effect etc. We can prevent pollution by growing greenery around us, by preferring public transport to private transport etc.


  • Timely Schedule :

Above mentioned points show that we can lead our life as a healthy life but here it is very important to be noticed that all these points can be accomplished successfully if these tasks are done timely or according to the timely schedule because if not done timely then it will not lead to a healthy life but also can destroy the health. So we have to take care of the time as time is money.

Timely Schedule

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