How to Get Traffic to your Website

Now are you ready to learn How To Get Free & Targeted Traffic To Your CB and Amazon Site ?

The method has been working fine for all of those who work hard and stay active. It needs your attention and response.

1st we have already our well maintained affiliated website and our money KW (Product).

how to get free targeted traffic to your money site

Go to

It help us to get updated with every thing we want.

You need to enter your product name (Keyword) in alerts.
Now the service will keep sending you emails if anyone write anything about your product(s) in his/her blog

Now, we have started receiving multiple emails everyday about the product which is being promoted by us as well from multiple blogs.

Now whats next ?

how to get free targeted traffic to your money site 12

You have to open all the emails and blogs where our product has been discussed.

Now, start reading their posts.
Have you read ? Now start writing the comments in the same post.
Write something like this…
“Hey Jenny, thanks for your informative post about Microwave by Haier (her KW). I recently found a blog while searching about the Microwave by Gree (Insert your hyperlink in your KW) It has many qualities than yours. (write some qualities) and the most amazing part is the price is also affordable due the hyper sale is going on (write about 100 words or use some quality writers)”.

Have you done ?

how to get free targeted traffic to your money site

Now there are two most important things you ll get.

1. In alerts, you can also find the biggest high authority sites along with many others. So, you ll get a high quality dofollow backlink.
2. Everyone always find the reviews before buying anything on net. Now they ll find your review with your post’s link. The traffic will follow you. Trust me. Just need your activity and some patience. (Write Quality Comments)

Keep working on the same method. You ll get results soon like emoticon

You can apply the same method with Youtube as well.

Go to Youtube.
Find your money KW.
Start watching the videos (Do not start watching the movie trailers or songs :P)
Now start writing the comments.
Rank your comments on top.

How To Rank Your Comments On Top In Youtube ?

There are two major parts to rank your comments in Youtube.

1. Thumsup

Take some Fiverr’s service to do that. It’s easy.

Time To Crush It ! grin emoticon

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