How fast food is unhygienic for health

Health is a very precious gift given us by Allah Almighty. Food plays a very important role in building one’s health. It builds up our body and increases our potential of work. Only hygienic food that is which contains a nutrients that our body requires like protein, carbohydrate, fats, sugar etc is known as better food.

fast food

Fast food is a major obstacle in building one’s health. Fast food is really unhygienic for health. The people of Twenty First century are specially addicted to it. Mostly the youngsters are use on daily basis, they don’t eat to live but they live to eat! As the food looks tempting and delicious so everyone is attracted towards it.

But if we look deep inside it the story is totally changed than its appearance. Fast food is unhygienic and it is destroying the health and metabolism of body. If we look around us we find so many people fat and obese. It is due to their increased consumption of fast foods. Fast food causes increase in weight and sugar level in body. Which increases our mass. Fast food is the cause of many diseases like diabetes, over weight etc.

Fast food tempted people cannot take part in the activities of life actively. There over weight causes them to slow down. In past people used to cook by there hands, they usually used fresh vegetables etc to cook there meal. Families used to sit together and they had a chance to interact with each other to have a nice and pleasant conversation. Fast food is also an obstacle consumption of fresh food. Mostly the people of this era are working to earn a better living, they don’t have time to cook food and so they prefer fast food, as these are available quickly and are cheap as well. But the cheap availability of this kind of costs much for health of people. As the metabolism of body decreases it also decreases the ability of a man or a woman to do his work actively and a person cannot accomplish his or her task with determination.

Fast Food Bad for health

Fast food does not fulfill our nutrient needs. For example fast food like burger is tempting and delicious but it does not give us nutrition that our body need to accomplish its tasks. The burger bun contains a very little part grain which is not sufficient for us. Burger bun contains yeast which makes us fat. When fast food is presented to us we are not sure that whether it is made by clean hands or not. Mostly fast food is not made by clean hands. Clean food is very important for a good diet. Children of young age visit doctor on and off due to high consumption of fast food.

We must prevent the consumption of fast foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be used to get the required nutrients for body. By reducing the use of fast food we can take part in every field of life with determination and activeness!!!

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