Here is How to Negotiate a Higher Salary Offer!

Negotiation is creating very important role in our whole life because human are hide under the tongue. When we talk to people we represent our self so here when we talk about our salary package because in the whole month we have done a lot of work for owner and at the end we get less amount as per our expectation mean our desire a more then salary. Well said “job holders will not rich because they are working for owner and defiantly businessman will rich” below are some tips so have a kind look.

Here is How to Negotiate a Higher Salary Offer!


How we double our salary

You must choose one department like Human resource (HR, Admin) Accounts and import export some like that now you having must deep knowledge about your department if not then purchase some book from market or go on google search engine and know about that, there are plenty of knowledge even people share their experience and case study too. 1st store that knowledge in your memory after that now the time is practice in your department.

Thus your Head will see your practice then believe me after some day or months when you negotiate about salary package then your Boss have no answer and mark your salary maybe double or above your expectation offer.

Change the job Title

Some department are small mean sometime 2 to 3 person handle two department like HR and admin too, we can say it is Unit not a big industry.

So here you need to change your job title and go up for getting higher salary package because we are here to get some huge income not for time waste, keep in mind time is money and you have sale yourself for 6 or 8 hours in returned you get less amount.

Set a Goal

With the passage of time you should set a goal like now I am a supervisor after one year I must be a good Manager with good salary too and other benefits like car etc. actually it call timetable its make your life easy and manage able and our teacher said you must turn you time about planning like

Planning for one hour

Planning for today

Planning for tomorrow

Planning for this month

Planning for this year

Planning for next year


Planning for life.

So you will be succeed

Why we born? That is big question so dear reader I want answer from you.

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