Health issues in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country and struggling in many fields, an overall observation about Pakistan, every person in Pakistan having health problem and the percentage of disease is increasing day by day because of some people did not take care about his health like they did not take proper diets as compare to others countries, people take Morning walk is very important for human at any age of life.

Health issues in Pakistan

Some hard issues are listed have a kind look.

  1. Pure Food

Sorry to say but we did not found Pure food for human, every shopkeeper mix something in food to increase their profit. Government of Pakistan must take strict action upon these type of culprit shopkeepers and must be pass clearly instruction to Health Department because it is life case and no compromise.

  1. Milk

Milk is very necessary as you know Milk is a complete food for human but unfortunately in Pakistan you did not fund 100% pure milk there is no check and balance too, milk shopkeeper include water in it and also include some non-healthily items like washing powders, Urea, also known as carbamide and much more.

  1. Industries in cites

You will find mostly industries in city which is directly effect on living things. Its government duty to shift industry from cites of country and provide them a one place to manufacturing something which they want as per country policy.

  1. Water

Where water there is life but need natural water because of a man having 90% of water over there blood, some are water borne diseases as according to world health organization performance reports Pakistan is on 122 number out of 190 countries in bed condition.

  1. Medicine

Medicine is also not 100% there is only 5% medical formula and other is nothing just food. Doctors just doing business nothing els so at the end Pakistan is good country but there are too much problem regarding Health which is not acceptable at any cost.

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