Hanif jewellers

Jewelry is a part of human life. It has been always apart of human culture. People also wore jewelry in those times when they just started using clothes and tools. In this early time people used to make jewelry from every kind of material that were available also like stones, animal skins, feathers, plants, bones, shells and wood. As the time went on many advancements were made in jewelry by artisans. They started taming many precious metals and gems, that it not only influenced the whole culture but also enhanced the styles in jewelry according to the modern trends.

 Hanif jewellers

About Hanif Jewelers:

If we say that in providing the heritage of precious and unique jewelry, watches, gem stones and pearls from all around the world, Hanif Jewelers has a unique identity then it wouldn’t be wrong.

In 1978 a group of creative mind people started a jewelry outlet which was known as Hanif Bangle makers in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The outlet flourished due to its hard work, struggle, dedication and honesty to its customers. The founders of this outlet never compromised on quality and originality of there products. Hanif Bangles processed more four shops in Muscat due to its popularity.

 Hanif jewellers

Hanif Jewelers in Pakistan:

In 2004, Hanif Jewelers brought their experience and a wide range of their jewelry products in Pakistan. It now has two outlets in Pakistan, and now its opening it biggest retail outlet in Pakistan’s popular city Lahore on MM Alam road.

 Hanif jewellers

Hanif Jewelers Products:

Since 2004, Hanif Jewelers has brought a wide, unique and immaculate range of jewelry products in Pakistan for costumer’s satisfaction. Hanif Jewelers not gives its costumers a wide range of latest and trendy jewels but also gives them a collection of antique jewels.

Hanif Jewelers gives people a range of jewelry of all kind like pearls, diamonds, stones and gold. Its introduces a wide range of watches, as they are authorized dealers of RADO Watches. It has always introduced a unique collection of jewelry. Dazzling brightness and flimsy grace of Hanif Jewelers is the sign if uniqueness and the outer gorgeousness of woman. Hanif Jewelers is the most prominent name in the field of fashion of Pakistan. The famous and renewed jewelry brand is providing stunning and exclusive jewelry designs for is fans. Impressive brilliance and delicate magnificence of this brand is the beautiful outlay of woman’s good looks. In their collection they have bangles, earrings, necklaces, broaches and whole jewelry sets that woman can wear on weddings, evening or day functions as this jewelry gives them a elegant look on the whole. The use of beautiful stones and gems in the jewelry makes the designs of sets charming and beautiful. The beautiful color schemes of the gems makes a woman enable to have a fine matching according to her style. Hanif Jewellers/Watches jewellery continues to be congenial and significant this season. A set of three solitaire diamonds and 5 carat each adds a touch of eclectic wit to woman’s gorgeousness !!!

 Hanif jewellers

At last:

Hanif Jewelers due to its struggle and hard work has proven itself a recognized and famous brand of jewels. Including modern and traditional range of jewels, Hanif Jewelers gives a finishing touch to a woman’s costume and adds uniqueness in your beauty!!

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