Google Adsense Account Approval Trick

You can create google adsense account by following mention 6 sample Steps but keep in mind don’t open your browser with proxy like ZenMate or whatever you use to change the IP.


Google Adsense Account Approval Trick


1: Approval (Non-Hosted):

To get approved from Adsense, create a blog (fashion or health), make some interested posts, drive some traffic, make it magazine style, apply for adsense it will accept take 1 weak or less.
Now, here goes personal experience.
We created a fashion blog, shared across social media, created hosted account (YouTube one) then applied for changing from hosted to non-hosted and it was accepted, this is how we got Non Hosted Adsense account.
You must have following things.
Privacy Page
Terms and Condition
Disclaimer policy
About Us and contact Us pages
(site age does not matter. only top level domain will do)

Google Adsense Account Approval Trick



2: About PIN
Pin is personal identification number you will get after you have earned a total of $10 in your account and first time it will be sent automatically or you can ask to send. Do use proper address (mentioned in your utility bill)

You can ask 3 times for pin from Google, if you still not received, 4th time Adsense will ask to upload a scanned copy of you bill and you can then get verified. (no matter whose name written on bill, only address must be clearly mentioned and matched you have used in your account)

3: Payee name can be changed easily without any further approval.

4: You can get payment via, cheque, western union, or bank wire.

5: Use high CPC keywords for good income.

6: Work for long term and don’t go against Google’s policy.

Don’t open google adsence account again and again or if you have 2 adsense then you don’t open both on one System.

Anything left, let me know. Will add in this post. Since many newbies don’t know even these points.


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