Girls Games Club and Fitness Tips in Lahore Pakistan

Today we will introduce about girls game for fitness and self-defence that are necessaries for today girls, due to hot country like Pakistan as you see in Pakistan now a days it common things to do sexual harassment every day and it increase day by day. Therefore a lot of expert of self defence are recommend girls must know about martial arts to save herself.

Girls Games Club

Dalia Lama the King of Tibet recommend girls to lean martial arts for Self-defence. If we talk about past days there is no concepts about the male and female status they have equal status and rights but in now a days the man have more power at every stage then the women and women go down and down you can say girls lost their status, as we see around us girls looks victim every were infect these thing are most popular in third world counters like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan etc.

Girls Games Club

If you look in well developed country like UK and USA most of the women learning martial arts and do fit herself every time. They take gym training and morning walk. If ever you go to or gone to these counties you see every morning the parks will be full with girls.

Girls Games Club

Moreover martial arts have more benefits for young girls, every time look like strong girl, young modal, confident girl and teen age girls due to the martial arts and fitness. There is no requirements of age or weight just do it and be like a strong and power full girl as you seen in the movies.

We know about most popular martial arts club, which give you good environment, well-educated and international qualified coach.

So we recommend you to join Martial Arts Club for your body fitness for girls and self defence. Martial Arts gives confidence, self-defence and fitness Now in Lahore Pakistan. Please have a kind look and feel free to contact us at any time by given E- Mail id or cell no. Home Classes are available.


Address:         Legend Martial Arts Club

Wapda Town Lahore Pakistan

Head Coach Shafiq Ur Rehman

Farmer Army Coach

Black Belt 5-Grade

International Champion

Call:                 +92 300 8874149 or +92 321 4920187


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