Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise is indeed a part of human life. We all know that exercise is important in our daily lives but we may not know that why or what can exercise do for us. Exercise improves both the efficiency and strength of our body so can take part in life activities actively. Exercise have an equal importance for men and women also. Exercises play an important role in nourishing the people’s lives by giving them the ability to face the problems related to their health, and both men and women are involved in it.

Exercises during Pregnancy

Exercises are really important for the women. Woman’s body also needs to be active all the day as the woman has to perform the daily house chores and woman has to do her job actively if she is a working woman. Women have great responsibilities when they become a mother or when they are in the phase of becoming a mother. The phase of becoming a mother is the pregnancy of a woman. The pregnancy phase of a woman is indeed very important and the woman has to be very careful. To be fit during this time period a woman should must exercise to keep herself and her upcoming baby safe and healthy from all aspects of a healthy body. There are some special exercises for a woman during pregnancy. These exercises not only keeps the woman and the baby healthy but also safe during the whole period.



One of the best exercises that doctors suggest to a woman during pregnancy is walking. During the period walking keeps a woman fit and without jarring her ankles and knees. This exercise is easy to do anywhere and it also doesn’t require any equipment. Good pair of comfortable and supportive shoes is a good choice for a woman. This exercise is safe through out the whole nine months of pregnancy of a woman.

Exercises during Pregnancy walking


Health care and fitness experts say swimming as the best and safest exercise for a pregnant woman. Swimming is ideal for woman because it exercises the muscles of the body and it allows the pregnant woman to feel weightless despite the extra pounds of pregnancy she gains during the period.

Exercises during Pregnancy

Low impact Aerobics:

Low impact aerobics exercise strengthens the heart and bones of the pregnant woman. Woman can get the feeling of enjoyment and while doing this exercise they get assured of the safety of them and their baby’s.

Low impact Aerobics


In general, women can take a dance class during their pregnancy if they are habitual of taking dance classes before their pregnancy. A woman can do those to which she feels ease. Excessive stretching and jumping can be dangerous but under a qualified teacher you can enjoy yourself and also can feel your self safe.


Weight lifting:

If weight lifting is a part of routine exercise before the pregnancy of a woman, then there is no need to this exercise. Being careful while lifting a weight, using light weight can give strength to the muscles and keeps the body of a pregnant woman fit and active.

Exercises during Pregnancy

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