Emotional Intelligence Test

One’s ability to judge, feel and know the emotions in cooperation with a person’s thinking process to behave in a proper way with a feeling of ultimate happiness in him and in others. Emotional intelligence is developed from the time of a person’s birth in this world. Emotional intelligence is taken in away like general intelligence but only with a slight difference. Normal development based changes in a person’s emotion leads him to a healthy life but too much variation in the emotion of a person leads him to destruction.

emotional intelligence in the workplace

Emotional intelligence test of a person is taken in the same way like as we take the IQ test of a person. The level of emotion in a person is known as Emotional Quotient level. The success of a person in job and in daily life not only depends upon IQ but it also depends on emotional intelligence.

If a person has high emotional intelligence then he can identify and perceive his emotions properly to manage his work efficiently. A person can have a proper understanding of nature, intensity and outcomes of his emotions according to the circumstances he faces at the present time. Emotional intelligence test helps him to exercise proper control and regulation over his expression, as expressions matters a lot. It helps him to use his emotions properly in dealing with him or others around him and so as to promote peace and harmony in the society.

It’s very important for a person to develop a high level of emotional intelligence because if the do a job they come across many emotional situations in their duties. For example a doctor has to face the suffering patients effected from serious diseases, death of patients and sorrowfulness of relatives with patients.

Many time people come across a situation which leads them to anxiety, tension and anger etc. To deal with such emotional situations emotional intelligence test is much effective. It helps them to have proper control of their emotions which are caused by a weird situation.

emotional intelligence in the workplace

The first test in the emotional intelligence is the self-image. This test tells a person that he don’t needs to defend himself to inspire confidence and that he should make himself happy in his own skin.

The next test is the independence of a person which tells him that he doesn’t need to anyone else except himself.

The last test of emotional intelligence is leadership quality of a person which gives him a dignity.

Emotional intelligence deals with the social, interpersonal and personal intelligence of a person. Self-image, independence and leadership quality tests by emotional intelligence leads a person to a successful life. Emotional intelligence gives the ability to manage one’s feeling and emotions and make him able to make right decisions even when the time he is frustrated, whether it is related to personal life and professional life.

If someone has a good emotional intelligence and he follows the emotional intelligence test’s rules than the person can live a peaceful life!!        

emotional intelligence in the workplace

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