Easy Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Importance of Hair:

Hair has a vital importance in human life. For a woman hair are very important. Because they are both public and personal. For a woman bad hair equals a bad day. Too frizzy, too dry, turning grey and falling hair badly effects the self esteem of a woman. Hair are a symbol of femininity for a woman. Hair is the “Crown of Glory” for a woman. If a woman takes care of her hair and make them properly according to the trends, then the personality of woman is enhanced, and she looks quiet attractive.

Types of Woman Hair:

Types of hair of a woman doesn’t involve dusty, rough type hair. Types of hair include those types which is given by nature to a woman. These types include straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair.

 short curly hair

Curly Hair:

No matter how much a woman hates her curly hair but these type of hair much popular than the other types of hair. One indisputable advantage of these type of hair is that it holds style much fine than slippery and straight hair. To give a good and attractive look to your curly hair is to have a key of working with curly hair in such a manner that it’s grace increases and to give them a look according to your natural volume and texture. There are plenty of easy ways to give your curly hair such a look.

 short curly hair

Different easy Hairstyles for Curly hair:

   Following are some methods;

  1. Using a head band:

Head bands work with short, long and medium curly hair for styling them. The easy and a classic way to wear a head band is to pull the head band back from the face. You can also wear a circular head over your hair. A head band can also be a perfect addition to updos and in ponytails.

  1. Brush back your hair:

For a formal look of your hair or a hairstyle for a night out or for an occasion, this method is a great choice. What you have to do is that to brush back the top front sections of your hair, making sure that your hair does not become so sleek. Next brush the hair away from your face and then spritz it with the hair spray to give them a stand still position. After that you can adjust a cute little clip or pin to one side. Gel works great to keep your curls in a manageable position. Alternatively you can add a little hair putty in your hair to keep the curls separate and soft.

  1. Use a half-up style:

This is an easy and elegant method to keep your hair away from your face and at the same time to show off its length. The simplest way to do this method is to rake your hair with your fingers from the sides of your face to the top and you have to take front hair also if you don’t want them to be a part. And then secure those hair with claw clip or with an elastic. You can also create a braid or a bun with those hair that you pull back with your fingers. You can also twist the sides to give them a fancier version. A fancy look can also enhance this method.

  1. Make a half crown braid:

Two braids pull back from the sides of your hair complement your curls and keep your hair away from your face. This beautiful and attractive hairstyle is ready in just couple of minutes. First separate a 2.5-5 cm section from behind the left ear and make a braid, angling it around the back of your head towards your right hair. Secure the braid with a clear elastic.

Then again repeat this method of braid behind the right ear, angling it around the back of your head towards the left ear. Secure the braid with a clear elastic as well.

Then draw one of the braids across the back of  your head, moving it towards the opposite ear and then fix it with a bob pin. Draw the other braid over the first one. And then secure with a bobby pin.

  1. Make a Curly topknot:

This simple and perfect style is very easy to make. And is perfect for work and is very useful for hot days when you want your hair away from your face and from your neck. First make a high ponytail. Instead of  using a brush in your hair you can use your fingers to make a smooth curly high pony tail. Secure the high pony tail with a tight and a fine elastic.

Secondly pull your ponytail through a hair donut and  so that the donut sits at the base of the ponytail. Having not a hair donut doesn’t matter, you can use an old but a clean sock cut the toes off and roll the sock in on itself to create a donut shape. The sock pads out your bun for added fullness.

Then put your hair a little bit forward , and then roll your ponytail around the bun. Cover the bun making sure that the bun is covered.

To tighten the topknot put some bob pins in the bun and for more hold you can also use a hair spray.

  1. Make a head band roll-up:

This pretty and attractive style is way to easy. This style for curly hair can be adopted for any occasion. Firstly you have to put a head band around your hair in such a way that it sits around your hair line about an inch of 2.5 cm.

Now tuck your hair on the band over the base of your hair. Keep on rolling your hair until it becomes tight. To secure the style adjust some bob pins in your hair.

 short curly hair

At the end:

To make the curly hair styles look more beautiful accessories are made. Accessories are the best friends of the girls. Beautiful head bands, claw clips, pins, cute ponies etc are essential for the the pretty looks of the styles!!  



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