Blue Nail Polish

Nail Polish is liquor that human beings use to decorate and protect the nail plates. Here blue color used is to mention the color of the nail polish. We know that blue color is used as a sign for, as it is also the color of the sky which is beautiful and is attractively touchy for our eyes. Main purpose of using blue nail polish is to decorate the finger nails or toe nails. Most nail polishes in the market today are non toxic, but it contains chemicals, that help with application, drying, and long lasting effect to the nail. Different people have different tastes of using nail polishes. Some like light colors, others prefer dark colours. Let’s talk about blue nail polish.

Blue Nail Polish

There are different shades of blue nail polish. Some are lighter, like sky blue, and some are darker. It depends on the choice of girls. They made of film coating agent, mostly nitro cellulose which is also used in auto painting. A solvent is also used which is a volatile part of the nail polish. Diluents are used that helps to lower and stabilize the viscosity of the solvent. It also helps to keep nitrocellulose from separating out. Pigments and some reflective particles are added to give polish its colour. For blue nail polish blue pigments are added. Pigments are the small particles which are dissolved in the nail polish. They are not that small that cannot be seen.

They can be seen very clearly in the nail polish. Blue is a very nice colour that enhances the beauty of the nail polish. There are different types of blue colours, like sky blue, sea blue, dark blue and much more like that. Every girl has a different taste of using nail polishes. They mostly uses it because of some reasons, like they hide any kind of injury, if there is any on their nails, to enhance the beauty of their long nails, or sometimes they just use nail polish to show others.

It seems like it might be toxic to pain our nails with something that smells bad but there are some advantages of using different kinds of nail polishes. For example, it protects nails from damage. Sometimes nails get dry and they break away. So to avoid those problems, nail polish plays a key role. Another benefit of using nail polish is that it can easily enhance nail growth. Nails grow faster than the normal speed. Third benefit is that, certain brands contain vitamins that help in nourishing the nails.

Colour doesn’t really matters. It’s actually the chemicals in it that matters. Polish makes a shield over the top of the nail to protect it against damage from everyday use. It also helps to protect from environment. When we use colour nail polish, like the blue one.

We have to add a clear base coat to keep nails from becoming stained by the coloured pigments in polish.

According to your opinion, what’s the most fashionable nail polish color at College of Europe in the second semester? please share with us in below comments box.

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