Black and White Wedding Dresses

First of all, what is a dress? A Dress is a piece of garment which we human beings use to cover our body. Men and women have different dressing codes. Thus we wear different dresses according to the season and the latest fashion. Now coming to the topic which includes the wedding dresses, a question would come in the mind that what is meant by wedding dresses? Is it some kind of special thing or it is a name of a dress type? Well it is not a name of any type of dress. Wedding dress is a special dress which men and women wear on the special occasion called the “Wedding”. Now what is wedding?  A Wedding is a ceremony in which two people, one man and one woman, are united in a one firm relation. Wedding traditions are not same among all the humans. It varies highly among humans due to human’s different cultures, religions, and their different lifestyles. In ancient times, weddings were just based out of the concept of commodity, rather than any desire or love.

White Wedding Dress:

White Wedding Dress is commonly used in the Christians weddings. They can be commonly seen it United States of America. Usually the bride wears a white wedding dress with a veil sometimes which is a symbol of beauty, innocence and her clean character.

white wedding dress

It is a fine piece of cloth, usually cotton or silk. Many brides today choose to wear white bridal dresses at their weddings. However, brides before the 19th century just wore the best dress they owned. It wasn’t until the 1840s, when Queen Victoria popularized white bridal dresses by choosing to wear white instead of the traditional royal silver dress. White color is a symbol of peace and shows no concept of anger or fight. But what is important here is that white wedding dress is only used in Christians wedding. If it is worn in some other religions weddings like in Muslims or Hindus, it cannot be related to them because they might wear it for just fashion!

Black Wedding Dress:

Black as by its name is a color of darkness, a darkness in which most of the things happen secretly and silently or by some planning, unlike the light in which most of the things are done openly. Black color is a symbol of power which can be either positive or negative. It shows the control, power and dignity. Black wedding dress is a dress code which is commonly used in north side like North Africa. It is a piece of garment which is usually cotton, wool or silk. A black veil is sometimes used with it just for a fashion although it is not a tradition. It has fine embroidery done with mostly embroidery-machine

black wedding dress

Choosing black as your wedding color indicates that you may be conventional, conservative and serious, or sophisticated, elegant and dignified.

Thus the above stance can be elaborated by this conclusion that the colors white and black are two opposite things. Black hides, while white brings to light. What black covers, white uncovers!

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